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Can I apply for a policy with  Yes, not only do we get you the online quote, but we can submit your application as well.


Who will see my information?  Only the carrier you apply with and will see your personal information. We DO NOT give your information to any other third party.


Do I have to be in perfect health?  No, many carriers accept a variety of existing and prior health issues.  Factors like severity, how long ago, how it was treated or is being controlled, and family history will be taken into account.


Is a medical exam required?  Normally a paramedic exam is performed.  There are some policies that don’t, but these are generally policies with higher premiums.


How long does the application process take?  Usually 20 minutes for the application and the paramedic exam shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.


When will my coverage begin?  Most companies offer conditional insurance upon receiving the application, notice of completed paramedic exam, and initial premium.  Typically you should receive your policy within 45 days of applying.


Should I replace existing life insurance?  Only if it makes sense financially and you understand all provisions on the new policy should you replace existing coverage.  Do not however, cancel an existing policy until you have received your replacement policy.  Consult you’re an accountant or tax advisor if the policy you are cancelling has cash value as there may be tax liability or surrender charges involved.


Do I pay for this service?  No, receives a commission for all policies that are issued by the various carriers.

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